Hi, I'm Stuart

I'm a freelance web designer based in Southampton UK.


Hi, I’m Stuart. I began my design career 4 years ago when I moved from a small county in Ireland, to the south coast of the UK, and achieved what I set out to do, gain a degree in graphic design. Initially, I was only meant to stay here for the duration of my university term and head back home to Wicklow, but I enjoyed the luxury of not having to get a bus for a loaf of bread, so decided to stay.

Shortly after graduating, I was hired as an in-house designer for a multi-faceted engineering company. This kick-started my career and helped me widen my range of skills through various disciplines from e-commerce to UI design. Outside of work, I keep myself busy studying front-end development and web design. When faced with redundancy due to the pandemic, I decided to divert my design career and become a full-time freelance designer.

“Leap and the net shall appear”.