Creating an App for Fishermen

With the increasing impact that fishing has on the environment, sustainable fishing is more important than ever. TraxGPS was created to help fisheries and other authorities monitor the position of their fishing fleets in real-time and aiding the management of fish stocks and protection of Exclusive Economic Zones. It consists of a small, easy to install tracking device and is accompanied by an app.

Two phones floating in the air, both screens displaying different pages of the Trax App

The Challenge

The challenge for this project was to create an app that was simple and easy to use. I began the design process, like I always do, with research. I started to examine some high-profile names in the asset tracking market to give me a general idea of how to approach the design. While doing so, I discovered that a lot of the apps were clunky and hard to navigate.

Once my research was done, I created a sitemap and began wireframing. I refined the information I gathered from my research to create the TRAX app and made it as streamlined as possible. It's easy to use, aesthetically minimal and was a lot of fun to work on.

A mobile phone with Trax's start up screen being displayed A phone displaying a demonstration of the Trax App in actionA mobile showing the log in screen for the Trax AppAnother mobile mockup screen displaying the Trax App
A mockup of a laptop and mobile phone displaying different aspects of the Trax App